For some 15 years Euroges has been designing software dedicated to the installation and maintenance of electronic equipment in the building automation sector.

“We propose a complete range of infrastructure services for both the civil and industrial markets, the primary goal being to optimise use of installed systems and improve their working efficiency. We’re able to integrate and maintain multi-brand systems (e.g. Honeywell, Siemens, Notifier, Johnson etc.).”

Through our experience, our facilities and unique know-how acquired by our personnel over the years in numerous installations in many different types of complex infrastructure (office and shopping complexes, health facilities, universities, industrial plants etc.), Euroges is now able to manage a broad spectrum of services.


  • Air conditioning system automation
  • Heating system automation
  • Electrical system automation
  • Water-sanitation system automation
  • Security systems (CCTV, etc.)
  • Automatic adjustment systems
  • Remote control systems
  • Fire-prevention systems
  • Fire prevention stations in industrial, business, display areas, etc.

Our proposal

Euroges provides services for the running and maintenance of building automation.

We propose a different way of carrying out maintenance work by applying a “reactive approach”: we design and implement coordinated preventive measures and intervention programmes instead of carrying out corrective or restorative action.

Running and corrective maintenance of building automation systems: all required running tasks are performed, including maintenance and troubleshooting, such as minor repairs and routine checks etc. Work and/or materials for major equipment repairs or replacement tasks are also provided, as are any relative engineering modifications.

Preventive maintenance

The goal of preventive maintenance is to avert breakdowns and malfunctions by preserving established operational conditions. Periodic inspection and checks – to identify any signs of potential difficulties or problematic trends – employ technology and techniques that, by verifying equipment and components and spotting breakdowns early on, allow work to be carried out before a fault even occurs.

Maintenance plans of this type result in:

  • lower running costs;
  • guaranteed system availability and reliability;
  • a longer technical-economic lifespan for equipment and components;
  • safer workplace systems;
  • maximised worker productivity.

Night-time and Sunday/holiday service

Quick-response emergency services can be provided outside normal working hours by activating the specialist technician service, allowing our personnel to repair any faults in your systems promptly.

Consultation and design

Euroges is able to provide customers with consultation during both the general design phase – with assessment of economic aspects – and afterwards during the executive design stage for completion of complex building automation systems.

Thanks to our expertise and existing partnerships with major constructors, we provide a tried and tested design methodology and in-depth multi-disciplinary know-how.

From project to completion

Euroges is able to complete systems and get them up and running, with equipment supplied either directly or by third parties: we provide qualified, professional figures such as the Project Engineer who focuses on construction design and the Project Manager who ensures that every step of the project is monitored and checked thoroughly.

Some of our customers

Industrial Sector


  • Torre Allianz, Milan
  • Torre Intesa San Paolo, Turin
  • Chiesi Farmaceutici research centre, Parma
  • Porta Nuova management centre
  • Manutencoop Facility Management S.p.a.
  • Finmeccanica – Aermacchi factory, Venegono Superiore (VA)
  • Finmeccanica – Agusta factory, Cascina Costa Samarate (VA)
  • Sicor, Terrazzano factory (MI)

Health and Hospital Sector

  • Fondazione Poliambulanza Istituto Ospedaliero, Brescia
  • San Clemente Nursing home (MN)

Civil and Business Sector

  • Lingotto Fiere exhibition centre, Turin
  • Lingotto facility, Turin
  • Teatro Regio foundation, Turin
  • Reale Mutua Insurance, Turin branch
  • Management Centre MI2, Segrate (MI)
  • Banca Popolare, Milan branch
  • Hotel Sheraton, Milan
  • Auchan, Roncadelle (BS)
  • Casalbertone shopping centre, Rome
  • Findomestic bank, Florence
  • Napoli Isola C5 management centre

Residential Sector


experience and technology

Today, the extensive experience of Euroges is smoothly integrated with the skills of Cefla, a solid, successful company with an 80-year history and unparalleled know-how in the Civil and Industrial Plant Engineering and Energy sectors.

The combination of Euroges specialisation and Cefla’s industrial ability and continuous investment in innovation have created a high-performance partnership able to meet new, ever-changing needs.

“Eroges’s contribution to Cefla’s technological services is vital to maintaining overall plant efficiency because operating directly on building automation means acting directly at the heart of the plant engineering structure.”

Cefla, in fact, constantly invests in research and continuous improvement via teams dedicated exclusively to the development of new technologies and products, amalgamating skills, sharing and integrating processes.
Cefla designs, constructs and maintains complex civil and industrial plant engineering systems and has been a provider to the Energy sector for over 30 years, building natural gas co-generation and energy production plants, heat recovery systems and gaseous flow purification systems.

A worldwide enterprise with production facilities in China, Russia and the USA, Cefla now has about 1,800 employees and 26 branches all over the globe. Its success stems from an effective international multi-business approach.