Cefla Engineering has been the soul of a company with over 80 years of history.

Cefla was founded in 1932 as a cooperative company specialising in electrical and thermohydraulic systems with strong ties to its surrounding territory. Over the years, the company has seized various market opportunities and has grown by diversifying its business. In the 1980s Cefla Engineering entered the energy field, developing efficient energy recovery systems and energy production plants, accompanying clients through all phases of each project, from early studies to implementation and to plant maintenance.

Cefla Engineering is a Cefla Business Unit and a globally established company. The high quality of our work, our financial soundness and solidity, as well as our constant focus on the future, makes Cefla Engineering an ideal partner for project financing or for EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Contracting) even in highly complex projects.

"Today Cefla is undergoing a major evolutionary process. Changes in the business world and market developments have led us to introduce organisational changes, streamlining and strengthening the various Group companies. Cefla Impianti has now become Cefla Engineering, a name that expresses our historical direction, our goals and our orientation towards new global markets."
Massimo Milani, Managing Director Cefla Engineering

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WEARECEFLA is the inspiration behind our vision: CREATING VALUE OVER TIME. This is the spirit that drives the Group every day while heading towards the future, through product innovation and process evolution, giving a strategic direction to the four business units.




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The reliability of our work is demonstrated by the numbers we generate, the value we attach to human resources and our presence around the world. Cefla is a consolidated global company with production plants in China, Russia and the U.S. and annual revenues amounting to around 520 million Euros, as well as 26 sites around the world, 13 of which engaged in production.

The future written in the origins

1932 Cefla was founded in 1932 as a cooperative company specialising in electrical and thermohydraulic systems.
1950 > 1970 Add the following two to the existing “Civil and Industrial Technological Systems”: “Sales outlet equipment for modern retail distribution” and “wood painting and curing systems”.
1980 Cefla took its first steps outside Italy and began concentrating on renewable energy, subsequently developing a sector dedicated to energy production and recovery, through the “Plant Division”.
1990 Cefla entered a new sector of interest and established a fourth business area, “Dental Equipment Solutions”.
2000 Cefla increased its globalisation efforts and thanks to its ability to diversify its offer greatly improved exports.
2015 Following a strong market evolution, Cefla Engineering decided to invest in a major company reorganisation, changing its approach, both internally and externally, to market orientation.

Today Cefla is a company with a strong identity and a solid and sound financial position which has recently been reconfirmed by the CRIF Credit Rating Agency as a "first class company". It operates around the world in various business sectors and believes in the value of sharing, of becoming involved and doing business with people, of staying close to the territory in which it invests, knowing that that is the way to make the company grow and to assure clients.

The Cefla Business Units

Engineering, Shopfitting, Finishing, Medical Equipment, Lighting

Five different business units that combine skills and capabilities to achieve important goals in their respective markets, but united by a shared plan in which networks of relations and talents are integrated offering reciprocal support.
This is the strength that comes from doing things together: a valuable legacy, a baton to be passed on from one generation to the next.

The company’s original Engineering has been complemented by product finishing lines – painting, wood ennobling, glass, plastics, metal and fibre cement – Cefla Finishing.
And then the company went on to design and make medical and dental products – Cefla Medical Equipment – and produce and distribute furniture solutions for large retailers – Cefla Shopfitting.