Cefla will attend the 2021 edition of Ecomondo Key Energy expo in Rimini!

Questa foto è stata scattata ad Ecomondo 2019, precedentemente all'inizio della pandemia da Covid19

This photo was taken during Ecomondo KeyEnergy 2019, prior to the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic.

We’re beyond excited to announce that we’ll join the 2021 Ecomondo – Key Energy expo, from October 26th to 29th, 2021 at the Rimini Fairground, after the 2020 shut down, due to COVID-19.

As Engineering BU, we have been involved in the energy industry for almost 40 years now, designing, building, and managing cogeneration and trigeneration, heat recycling, and gas flow scrubbing plants, as well as the large district heating plants that supply heat and light to hundreds of thousands of people.

“Despite 2020 has been a difficult year, even tragic for many businesses, our balance sheet maintained a strong performance. This is a great source of pride for us and a drive to do better and achieve more and more. Additionally, taking part in the Ecomondo expo gives us the possibility to present many important topics and news, one above all, the acquisition of the German company Plant Engineering GmbH, which is specialized in the engineering and design of cogeneration and biomass plants”

Said Massimo Milani, Managing Director of Cefla Engineering.

Meet again at Ecomondo, from 26th to 29th October, will be the opportunity to meet our partners and new contacts, playing an active role in this era of great changes in the Energy world.

We can’t wait to see you on BOOTH 021, HALL B5D5!

Our Sales and Technical Teams will be ready to welcome you. 

Cefla will build the new Data Center for CINECA

CINECA, Bologna scientific center will host “Leonardo”, the super-computer with 250 million billion operations per second.

BOLOGNA, February 22, 2021. The “European supercomputer Leonardo”, capable of developing a power of computing up to 250 million billion operations per second and with a storage capacity of over 100 petabytes (ie over 104 million gigabytes), will be housed within the structure of the ex Tobacco Factory, near the Bologna exhibition center.

In the other room of the same building there will be another data center, also 10MW at the service of INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics). Cefla won the tender, worth over 45 million euros, for the design and construction of the works of adaptation of the warehouses known as “Barrels”, organized by the Interuniversity Consortium CINECA. The supercomputer, funded by EuroHPC JU and the Ministry of University and Research, will be available to Italian and European researchers.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen for the realization of this important project,” says Massimo Milani, Managing Director of Cefla’s Engineering BU “It represents a great confirmation for us to the commitment and care that we put every day in the realization of the works entrusted to us. In this trip will collaborate alongside our partners of maximum importance and we are sure that this work will further contribute to increasing our reliability in the field of building ad structures very high technological value, such as Data Centers “.

In this context, Cefla places itself at the head of an ATI where the Vicenza building group ICM S.p.A. will take care of the structures, and a group of designers headed by DBA Pro S.p.A., will follow the executive design up to as build. The plant requires a TIER 4 Data Center level, so as to totally fault-tolerant (fault-tolerant). This system offers independent and multiple energy distribution paths, allowing thus maintenance and a possible further simultaneous failure, without generating interruptions in the flow of work. This guarantees 99.995% uptime, allowing for planned and total maintenance protection against physical events.

Deepening – The Leonardo HPC calculator

In the area prepared by Cineca, partly subject to artistic constraint since it was built in the 1940s on a project by engineer Pier Luigi Nervi, a supercomputer HPC (High-Performance Computing) among the most powerful in the world. The result of the collaboration between the French Atos and the American Nvidia, the computer, when fully operational, will be part of the European high-performance EuroHPC network and will have a computing power 10 times higher than the current Marconi100 system, also present in Cineca, which is among the most powerful computers in the world. The network EuroHPC has the dual objective of developing a pan-European pre-exascale supercomputing infrastructure (with the exascale calculation, 10 ^ 18 flops are reached, the unit of measurement with which the performance of a computer in floating-point calculations; with the EuroHPC system, 250 petaflops are reached, in aggregate, ed), and to support research and innovation activities.


Pursuing its goal of internationalization, Cefla acquires a 90% share in the German company Plant Engineering GmbH. Based in Leutesdorf, the company has an annual turnover of about 2.5 million.

Bologna, 14.01.2021. Cefla Engineering’s Energy Business Line, Italy’s leading constructor of electrical/thermal cogeneration power plants, now enters the German market with the acquisition of Plant Engineering, a company that enjoys widespread acknowledgement of its know-how throughout the industry. Cefla continues to pursue a strategy of internationalization.

After two years of doing business in Germany and in the wake of its completion of the key Cottbus cogeneration plant project, Cefla is strengthening its position on a market with major opportunities in “Green energy”, set to replace the classic coal-fired power station model. Plant Engineering GmbH has been working in the cogeneration power plant and biomass power plant sectors for about 15 years. It also provides plant engineering services to the energy sector and has consolidated experience, as acknowledged by the industry’s key German players. Thanks to the 90% share in Plant Engineering GmbH, Cefla is now a qualified operator able to provide EPC solutions to the German energy sector.

“We’re delighted and proud of this latest acquisition” states Massimo Pinoli, Cefla Engineering Development Manager “It’s a key part of our strategic internationalization plan and provides a focal point of excellence to develop innovative solutions that meet today’s energy transition needs.”

Welcome to “Powering The Future”, the new best Webseries of energy efficiency!

Carbon offsetting is rapidly rising in importance. The world’s carbon emissions are increasing at an alarming rate and offsetting your carbon emissions is a powerful mechanism to help in the battle against climate change and global warming. In the context of the Paris Agreement, the EU has set ambitious energy and climate change objectives to ensure that Europe relies on secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy. 
The cogeneration sector is committed to the creation of a resilient, decentralised European energy system by 2050 with cogeneration as its backbone, empowering European citizens and industry togenerate their own efficient, reliable and affordable clean heat and power locally. In this way, cogeneration could be a strategic way and our aim is to be an EPC Contracting partner for the construction of high-tech natural gas-fired power plant.

In Cottbus, Germany, work is underway, as part of a Government plan to replace obsolete coal-fired power stations. 
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Cogeneration is a strategic, sustainable and efficient choice.

Would you be interested in a feasibility analysis for a solution that could turn into a highly competitive asset for your company?

Come and find out about it at Ecomondo “The Green Technologies Expo” in Rimini, from today until Friday 8 November – Booth 024 – Hall B5D5.

You will have a chance to meet our specialists and obtain personalised advice, in real time. During Ecomondo, there will be plenty of opportunities for in-depth analyses on topics including cogeneration, trigeneration, and “Capacity Market Power Stations” at the convention promoted by Italcogen ANIMA (Hall B5 Booth155), and hear a success story that begins with designing the ACEA Tor di Valle Cogeneration Plant in Rome – which has given us solid expertise to develop standard modular system solutions for over 20MW plants. Thanks to this expertise developed over time, we have recently secured a major contract for the construction of a 50MW cogeneration plant in Cottbus, Germany.

Come and see us at our booth 024 in Hall B5D5, to find out about all our cogeneration and trigeneration solutions, modelled on your own requirements for a strategic and sustainable choice.

Foundation stone of the new Teapak facility laid. Cefla overseeing project as General Contractor:

Today saw the laying of the foundation stone of the new TeaPak (Yogi Tea Group) production facility.

As general contractor, Cefla will be overseeing the entire project: from the building of the facilities to the planning and installation of latest-generation systems. Covering approximately 12,000 m2, the facility will be built in Imola’s industrial district, alongside our own headquarters.

Teapak is the European hub for the blending, sachet filling and packaging of herb teas made under the Yogi Tea brand. Our President together with Andrea Costa, Managing Director of Teapak.

Cefla’s turnover in 2018 surpassed 560 million euro

The growth of Cefla Engineering (formerly Cefla Plant Solutions) contributed significantly to the Cefla Group’s positive performance in 2018, represented by Group turnover in excess of 560 million euro, and a positive balance of 21 million euro. A growth trend that continues for Cefla (in 2017 the balance was 13 million euro). Net income was up 8.1% at 30 million euro. Consolidated EBITDA totalled 50 million euro.

The Board of Directors is reconfirmed

Cefla’s Shareholders’ Meeting, after approving the 2018 Financial Statements, confirmed the entire Board of Directors for the next three-year period, 2019-2021. It also confirmed Gianmaria Balducci as Chairman, and Claudio Fedrigo as Vice Chairman “The Board of Directors would like to thank the shareholders and all of our colleagues within the Cefla Group who, through their daily work, have made it possible to translate the strategies of the managerial group and the guidelines of the Board of Directors into numbers,” declared the Chairman, Gianmaria Balducci.

The investments and values to meet global challenges

Overall, 47% of Cefla’s income was generated in Italy, 30% in other European countries, and 23% in the rest of the world. Despite global macroeconomic uncertainty, Cefla invested over 30 million euro, all self-financed, with each Business Unit acquiring a number of important orders, and through the reorganisation of company processes designed to better meet present and future challenges.

“Over the coming years” – the Chairman Balducci continued – “Cefla will continue to be able to count on the company’s distinguishing values, which have guided the company since 1932. These values drive us on in our constant striving for improvement, in our incessant pursuit of value creation, and are consistent with our mission to improve people’s lives”.

A new cogeneration plant for the city of Cottbus, in Germany

Cefla Engineering, in joint-venture with the company Atzwanger from Bolzano, will build a cogeneration plant in Cottbus, Germany, as part of a government plan to replace obsolete coal-fired power stations.

The call for tenders was issued by Stadtwerke Cottbus, a municipal undertaking from the eponymous German city in the Federal State of Brandenburg. “The contract involves the design, construction, installation and testing of a new 50 MW cogeneration plant, together with all the connected auxiliary systems, including the installation of five Jenbacher J920 gas engines, of 10 MW each”, explains Massimo Pinoli, International Sales Manager for Cefla Engineering. “The Cottbus plant will supply electricity and thermal energy using the most efficient system technologies; as with the plant we already built for Acea in Rome (in the Tor di Valle area), all the heat will supply a city district heating network, serving almost 100,000 residents. For this plant the site will also rely on the collaboration of a network of local partners for the construction activities, including the construction of a two-storey power plant building. The building will contain all the auxiliary systems and equipment of the power plant and a series of 15 hot water storage tanks, approximately 30 metres in height, in a configuration specially designed by Cefla”.

“Cefla, the project leader, and Atzwanger bring their respective skills and experience to the joint venture. Cefla brings the design and operational experience that our engineers and technicians have acquired in important recent projects in the energy sector over the last twenty years,” explains Massimo Milani, Managing Director of the Cefla Engineering BU, and “Atzwanger’s contribution is its operational experience and approach to the management of complex projects in Germany”.

Cefla confirms its partnership with Ducati Corse. Our trademark to appear on Ducati motorcycle fairings throughout 2019

The Ducati bikes ridden by Andrea Dovizioso, Danilo Petrucci and test rider Michele Pirro will feature the Cefla trademark on their fairings throughout the 2019 season.
For the second year running, in fact, Cefla will be an Official Partner of Ducati Corse, taking to the track together with the “Mission Winnow Ducati” team in the 2019 MotoGP World Championship, which begins in Qatar on 10th March.
In all 19 World Championship races, then, the Cefla trademark will emblazon the Bologna-built Ducati bikes, which will, of course, have their sights set on winning the title.
In this latest adventure with Ducati Corse, the Cefla brand will be visible not just on the fairings but also on the Ducati technicians/team’s headsets, on the motorhome doors and in the paddock lights, provided by Lucifero’s.
Because when it comes to winning future challenges, teamwork is a must, as Cefla Engineering – which has always made teamwork its key strength – knows full well.
The partnership between Cefla and Ducati continues, then, thanks to the shared values of Passion, Performance and Innovation and a strong sense of belonging to that unique territory known worldwide as ‘Italy’s Motor Valley’, a long-standing hub of innovation and research into ground-breaking solutions.


Cefla Engineering at Ecomondo – Key Energy 2018

From November 6th to 9th you will find us at Fiera di Rimini, Hall B5D5 Booth 035, to discover the technologies, the innovation and the future of the renewable energy.

We at Cefla Engineering provide our customers with all our expertise and the know-how needed, from the design to the plant management throughout its entire life cycle.

We design 360° turn-key solutions

    • From the feasibility study to the definitive project
    • From the executive project to the construction, start-up and testing of the plant
    • We are a technological partner for the maintenance of Power generation, cogeneration, trigeneration plants and technological systems.

Come and visit us at Hall B5D5 Stand 035. Our experts will be available to answer all of your questions.
We are waiting for you!