Powering The Future

Welcome to "Powering The Future", the latest web series about energy efficiency!

As part of the transition to different energy sources taking place in Europe and across the world - and in keeping with the German government’s plan to replace coal-fired power plants – we’re building a power station that will supply heat and electricity using the most efficient plant engineering technology; as with the plant we already built in Rome for Acea (Tor di Valle district), all the heat will power the city’s district heating network, in this case serving almost 100,000 residents.
For this plant, which completely replaces the existing coal-fired power station, the project includes the construction of a two-story power plant building; this will contain all auxiliary systems and the power plant equipment, plus a set of 15 hot water storage tanks, approximately 30 meters high, in a configuration specially designed by Cefla.


1 – Xmas at the worksite

Thinking of the future generations, a new gas-fired power plant is under construction in the city of Cottbus. Aiming to lead the way in achieving coal-free power across Germany during the next decade, together with the local energy provider, HKW Heizkraftwerksgesellschaft Cottbus mbH. We at CeflaEngineering celebrated Xmas on site with our customer and partners. Looking ahead toward reduced emissions and increased efficiency, we wish everyone here and in Cottbus a cleaner, brighter future and a great New Year!

  • Date: 20 December 2019
  • Audio: German/English
  • Subtitle: English

2 – Laying the foundations

Work is underway for the new gas-fired power plant in Cottbus. Different areas of the worksite are taking shape. We are not only laying the foundations for the heat storage tanks, the engine rooms and the main building. We are laying the foundations for a better future! There will be fewer emissions, greater efficiency and cleaner power. Stay tuned and watch a series of videos we will be publishing over the coming months. Watch the new horizon over Cottbus.

  • Date: 10 February 2020
  • Audio: –
  • Subtitle: English

3 – European Excellence

A complex project always requires excellent coordination, so you need to choose the right man for the job. Professional competence and soft skills play a key role in a balanced way. No one better than Matteo BANDERA, our SITE SUPERVISOR, understands that a multicultural, multi-skilled team needs to feel at ease and able to contribute to the extraordinary results we expect. Follow Matteo at the worksite telling us his point of view in this project: a high-tech 50MW cogeneration plant built to serve Cottbus with a state-of-the-art district heating network.

  • Date: 20 March 2020
  • Audio: Italian
  • Subtitle: English

4 – Outlining the future

Work has never stopped in these first few months of 2020. Our teams have managed to stay on schedule and different areas of the building site have evolved. Watch the video to see how things are shaping up and starting to look like tomorrow’s power plant, for a cleaner world and more efficient energy for the town of Cottbus.
A great way to mark this year’s World Environment Day. Stay tuned for updates as work progresses. The next episode will bridge the gap between the German town and Jenbach in Austria. So what’s the connection? Come back and see.

  • Date: 20 May 2020
  • Audio: –
  • Subtitle: English

5 – Technological Efficiency

Saving 100,000 tonnes of CO2 each year by eliminating the lignite-fed part of the existing Cottbus power plant is a major step forward to achieve decarbonization.
These steps are in line with Germany’s aims to gradually free the country from fossil fuels by 2038.
The J920 FleXtra GasEngines which are at the heart of the plant use cogeneration technologies to deliver an output 50 MW producing electrical and thermal energy. Listen to Johannes Knapp from INNIO Group as he explains the benefits of the 5 engines and how their outstanding efficiency will contribute to a better, cleaner world.
Stay tuned for our next episode and check progress at the site early this autumn.

  • Date: 15 July 2020
  • Audio: German
  • Subtitle: English

6 – Clean energy for a safer world

Almost 3 years ago the decision was made to move away from lignite as the energy source for the Power Station in Cottbus. For decades, the town had depended on lignite to supply heat and electricity to its population, yet the growing concern for environmental issues brought out that marked pioneering spirit of the people of Cottbus and Stadtwerke Cottbus GmbH (the Public Utility). Listen to what Ulrike Lautner at Stadtwerke Cottbus, has to say about the step Cottbus has taken towards making Germany’s future brighter and cleaner.

  • Date: 29 September 2020
  • Audio: German
  • Subtitle: English

7 – One year in numbers

We have almost reached the end of the second year on-site in Cottbus. Despite the general situation, nothing has prevented the project from moving forward. We decided to take a statistical look at what has happened in 11 months on site. Things are definitely beginning to take shape and time is coming closer to when we will be able to save 80,000 tons of CO2, making the new power plant in Cottbus one of the cleanest and most efficient throughout Germany. With an overall efficiency of 92%, this plant will save 20 million cubic meters of methane gas each year, which is more or less what a town of 20,000 inhabitants consumes annually. That is more or less one-fifth of the population of Cottbus!

  • Date: 3 December 2020
  • Audio: –
  • Subtitle: English

8 – People powering the future

Since we launched the web series back in 2019 at Xmas, nobody would have imagined what 2020 was going to be like. After 12 months we can only be satisfied with the hard work accomplished on-site in #Cottbus and with what has been achieved. Just a few months and we will be able to announce the start of a new era for the local energy provider, HKW Heizkraftwerksgesellschaft Cottbus mbH. A cleaner, greener future thanks to CeflaEngineering, Atzwanger SpA, and INNIO Group. The first season of Powering The Future ends here, but we’ll be keeping you updated in the next months.  Stay tuned!

  • Date: 24 December 2020
  • Audio: English
  • Subtitle: Italian