Cefla Engineering, your Best Partner in Purification.

Thanks to the expertise gained by our Engineering Business Unit, we are active in the purification sector using our historical know-how.
We develop and manufacture high- performance systems for various industrial sectors – including coating and finishing.
The production cycles that require application of paint coats and solvents cause gaseous emissions contaminated by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which must be reduced to purify the air before it is released again into the atmosphere – to protect the environment and comply with the most stringent applicable standards.

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    High performance

    Ecologically sustainable and energy-efficient industrial products

    Solutions suitable for a variety of industry requirements

    Benefits in terms of consumption and reduced running costs

    Gas Steam Purification

    The demand for ecologically and energetically sustainable industrial products, which began more than 30 years ago, has driven Cefla to identify and develop systems that reduce pollution. Over time, the synergy among its business units, along with their specific knowledge, has helped refine and consolidate — 'within CEFLA' — appropriate technologies that comply with gas emissions standards. CEFLA is able therefore to respond to requests for purifying polluting gas streams due to either organic or inorganic substances, as well as assist in obtaining authorisations, or formally validate the system's ecological-functional adequacy.

    CEFLA uses technologies for capturing non-destructive VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and for their controlled incineration. Each project is developed to optimise energy recovery. This entails the integration of the purifying plant with the pollutants producing plant.

    CEFLA also builds systems for selective elimination of physical pollutants (i.e., dust) and inorganic pollutants (e.g., HCI, H2S, SOx, HF, ammonia, siloxanes) from air or biogas produced in landfills or anaerobic fermentation.


    The high quality of the offered product and service is the result of Cefla personnel’s long experience and extreme professionalism.


    Environmental protection, urbanisation and the growing needs of well-being and comfort compel modern engineering to adopt innovative design and construction systems that comply with eco-compatibility logic and requirements.


    Complete customer satisfaction very much depends on service quality. Cefla’s Quality Assurance system governs all activities and is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

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