Cefla showcases its ability to innovate

Screened for the first time April 9th, the video you can watch on this page tells of how the company is inspired to keep on researching authentically innovative products and solutions, destined to break ground on international markets.

A moving trip through all areas of life to witness an array of advanced solutions

The opening scene introduces the main character as she strolls through a city centre, surrounded by Italian culture and history. Throughout her trip lasting a typical day she encounters one innovation after another, some visible, others not. These are the innovations we develop and which contribute to improving the quality of life in a host of different situations. The short film tells the story of a better world, a world as we imagine it, in which technology is a friend, simple and supportive, even moving.

From Proximity Marketing to Building Automation, through supermarkets, dental surgeries and furnished kitchens … Enjoy the video!

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Cefla at the ACIMAC convention on “Energy saving in ceramics”