The green economy has a positive effect on businesses. We’ll be discussing this at Ecomondo 2015.

“They export more, they’ve pulled through the crisis, when it comes to turnover, they’re winners and they’re forecasting better prospects for 2016”

This is what the article published on 3rd November by Wired claimed, at the opening day of Ecomondo in Rimini, referring to companies adopting a green economy policy. Cefla is also an industrial concern making headway towards a greener company policy. Both in terms of internal resource management and product development, our technologies take account of client demands as well as environmental requirements. The Business Unit representing us at Ecomondo is Plant Solutions, with over 30 years experience designing and building cogeneration and trigeneration plants, a pre-requisite for customers opting for sustainable energy saving initiatives. So what do we mean by cogeneration (CHP) and trigeneration (CCHP)? We will be dealing with this topic today, Nov. 5 at 14:30 during the small group seminar “Cogeneration and heat recovery: how the ceramics industry can become more competitive” and Friday Nov. 6 at 14:30 during “Trigeneration below 0°C: an example of technical and economical feasibility”. Both seminars will be held at our Ecomondo booth:

Hall B5D5, booth 026.

Cefla top of the class in the CRIF rating
Ecomondo - The green technologies expo