I love energy. Cefla has obtained the ISO50001 energy management certification.

We have obtained ISO50001 Energy Management certification! Cefla has obtained ISO50001 certification, the international standard that provides specifications for the creation and improvement over time of energy management systems and which aims at enabling the organisation to pursue ongoing improvement of its own energy efficiency. The project leader explained:

“Cefla has decided to commit itself to defining clear energy-efficient objectives, driven by a policy conceived to manage consumption in order to eliminate waste, reduce energy costs and above all lessen the environmental impact.”

While going through the process of obtaining certification, we started an internal communication project called “I Love Energy“ was launched. This entailed underlining the daily efforts each employee could make to effectively help save energy and improve the quality of the environment both inside and outside the company. This certification represents a major accomplishment for Cefla and reminds us of how great achievements are the sum of many small daily efforts.  

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