Kaleseramik, major new project entrusted to Cefla

 The Kaleseramik Group has entrusted Cefla to upgrade the control and supervision system that oversees the entire cogeneration plant for the two factories in Cannakale and Kalebodur (which make up the Can manufacturing facility in Turkey) and to engineer the insertion of a new spray drier.

A big step forwards, then, for this partnership with Cefla and its Plant Solutions Business Unit, begun over 15 years ago with the installation of a cogeneration plant that has, in the words of Kaleseramik’s top management, “provided us with huge benefits in terms of energy cost and emissions reductions”.

The Kaleseramik cogeneration system is one of the most complex and sophisticated ever built in the ceramic industry. The project, entrusted to Cefla, will involve the design, development and construction of key mechanical components, instrumentation and heat recovery system components, plus the supply of automation and supervision control devices (software and hardware). 
Three Siemens gas turbines with a total output of 21 MW will power, via their exhausts, nine spray driers and provide electricity for the entire manufacturing complex. An optic fibre network will ensure high speed transfer of all unit control signals while the new software will monitor the entire system via a user-friendly user interface, with constant recording and reporting of data.

“This renewal of the partnership with the Kaleseramik Group, states Claudio Modelli, Cefla Export Manager, “is, for us, an important demonstration of their faith in our work. It offers greatly appreciated confirmation of the soundness of our ceramic industry solutions, especially in the energy efficiency and cogeneration field and, above all, when that trust is shown by a Group so attentive to energy efficiency and the environmental impact of ceramic manufacturing”.

Cefla at the ACIMAC convention on “Energy saving in ceramics”
I love energy. Cefla has obtained the ISO50001 energy management certification.