energy: ceramics industry


Since 1968 CEDiR has designed and produced ceramic wall and floor products made of single-fired grès porcelain stoneware, combining classical ceramic-making tradition with the most innovative design. Great care for quality, for the needs of the various markets and using the latest, most advanced technologies are the factors that helped establish CEDiR as a leading company in the world market.

Type of Operation

Cefla Engineering has managed the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, scheduled and corrective, and has run the cogeneration system using an alternative Rolls Royce KVGS12G1 combustion engine fuelled by gas, as well as auxiliary control and work process systems.   The project saw Cefla involved also in the implementation of system modifications required for compliance with new standards introduced in 1995, when Cefla supplied and installed the system which it has continued to maintain until today. The system is part of the ceramic production process and operates around 6,000 average annual hours.


Engine: alternative gas combustion engine

Fuel: gas

Electric Power: 2.100 kW

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