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Company profile

Established in 1991, since 2001 TeaPak has blended and packaged products manufactured by Yogi Tea, the leading multinational in the sector of organic and Ayurvedic herbal teas. With a workforce of around one hundred employees, the company is steadily growing. In 2017, finding its premises too small, it decided to relocate to a new and larger production branch that could meet the demands deriving from the estimated growth. This was implemented as part of the Manufacturing Zone Restart project promoted by the then Regional Councillor for Economic Development to encourage locally-based business.

The Project

Cefla, the appointed General Contractor, immediately started working alongside Teapak to implement a complex and articulated project with challenging deadlines. Belonging to the same local area, the two companies immediately “spoke the same language” and Cefla found this to be significant added value for such a unique project. Based on the contract signed, Cefla managed the entire operational package by carrying out excavation works, earth-moving and road embankments, foundations, the prefabricated building made of prestressed concrete, and all the final construction work, besides creating a cogeneration plant with heat pumps having both heating and cooling functions. The works specifically concerned 3 buildings: the “office” building, the “factory” building, and the “systems” building. The last but certainly not the least important feature is that the whole facility is focused on energy saving achieved with a photovoltaic plant, in addition to an integrated sewage treatment plant and a dedicated dust removal system for each herbal tea production and packaging machine.

Design intelligence

The work’s progress deserves a dedicated section of this project presentation. From the foundations to the prefabricated facilities and fittings of all internal departments to create rooms, laboratories, production, and technical areas, the actual challenge was always to meet the final delivery deadlines. Indeed, it was crucial for Teapak to rev up its engines in May 2020 to ensure continuous production without interruptions during the relocation phase from the former production plant. Missing this target would have meant postponing the move by one year with resulting in huge damage for Teak. This challenging goal was further complicated by the complex management of the delicate Covid-19 lockdown period. Construction works in the Office Building were temporarily suspended, while those in the Facility never stopped. Work was always carried out “safely”, fully complying with the various Presidential Decrees. The Production Facility and Plant Facility were completed and handed over to Teapak on 24 April 2020. Works in the Office Building restarted at the end of the lockdown period, and the building was handed over to the client on 25 May 2020.

Overall project surface area: 57,000 m2
Factory Building: 10,000 m2
Executive Building: 1,300 m2
Systems Building: 700 m2

Installed refrigeration power: 1.20 MW
Max recoverable heat output (summer mode): 1.20 MW (to power post-heating batteries and sanitary hot water production)
Installed thermal power: 0.95 MW

Overground water storage tank for the firefighting system

Diameter: 11,700 mm
Height: 8,420 mm
Water level: 8,030 mm
Working capacity: 830 cu.m
Foam fire-extinguishing system

Power delivery: medium voltage (MV) at 15kV;
Contracted power: 1MW
Rated power of MV/LV transformers installed: 2 x 1,600kVA = 3,200KVA
Photovoltaic system power: 204KWp

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