Expo Milano 2015

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We Move Forward

2015 is a year that embodies the great potential of the future. It is the year of EXPO, the greatest food and nutrition international event ever. Cefla, through its Engineering and Shopfitting Solutions business areas, is an important player.

Cefla Engineering

Cefla Engineering was called upon to design and construct the general Expo building system covering a total area of 32,071 sq. m.: restaurants, bathrooms, trade areas, visitor services, participant services, warehouses and technical rooms.

Cefla Shopfitting Solutions

Cefla Shopfitting Solutions and Zenith Shop Design, a group company specialising in custom furniture, together with Coop, built the pioneering Supermarket of the Future, part of the FUTURE FOOD DISTRICT theme area. The project was developed based on an idea by Carlo Ratti, Director of the Senseable City Lab at MIT, Boston, with the collaboration of Coop, an Official Food Distribution Partner.

Cefla for EXPO: The architecture of service

Cefla Engineering was responsible for everything that “hidden from sight”: mechanical systems (air conditioning, ventilation, water, plumbing and fire protection); electrical systems (medium and low voltage supply, lighting and power lines); special electrical systems (fire detection, sound system including fire alarm and evacuation, intrusion detection, access control and CCTV, data network). With an eye towards environmental and energy sustainability, towards offering visitors a wealth of services and a wide variety of experiences.

Cefla for the Future Food District

Cefla and Zenith Shop Design, together with INRES, installed the furniture systems and equipment in the Supermarket; Cefla Engineering and Elca Technologies installed the electrical and air-conditioning systems, as well as supplied more than 5,000 LED lamps for lighting. The new features introduced here by Cefla include the use of Cefla Digital Shelf Systems for shelf illumination; new grocery display bins; custom furnishings; display stalls that come with Kinect; interactive showcases with LED sensors; and the table with the manlike robot YuMi. Also on view will be a Librerie.coop corner, it too created by Zenith and Cefla Shop Design.

Cefla is also present inside the “CIBUSèITALIA” Pavillion.

The “CIBUSèITALIA” Pavilion will be the physical location where the Italian food industry will be promoted and showcased. Within it, Cefla created a multimedia totem to illustrate through the use of the ‘food’ and ‘energy’ keywords the concept: “Cefla for AGRIFOOD INDUSTRY“. Renewable energy produced by cogeneration plants, fuelled by food products and built by Cefla Engineering, is used to produce food, which is sold within efficient outlets furnished by Cefla Shopfitting Solutions in a complete production process cycle.

Highlighting the circularity of the manufacturing processes, Cefla offers food producers a series of renewable source systems which by exploiting waste allow the generation of electric power and heat. Specifically, the cogeneration process demonstrated at Expo consists of anaerobic digestion of bio-gas, by-products of the industries that produce meat, preserves and pulps.


“CIBUSèITALIA – The Expo Federalimentare Pavilion”, on the first floor, in the “Sustainable Production Technologies” theme area, near the Eastern Entrance across from the Biodiversity Park.
The Supermarket of the Future is located within the Future Food District, the 6,500 sq. m. Future Food Pavilion at the southern intersection between the Cardo and the Decumanus.




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