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In 2013 UNIPOL began a major project across its entire organisation in an effort to deal with climate change. The plan to reduce the environmental impact was defined based on the results of continuous and constant corporate energy consumption monitoring and in compliance with the culture of climate and natural disaster prevention. Data centres are considered to be major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why the company dismantled the existing computer facilities and built a brand new data centre, employing the most advanced technologies for energy consumption reduction and climate control.

Type of Operation

This building was awarded the prestigious Level IV TIER certification, issued by the UPTIME INSTITUTE, a world leader in the creation and management of data centres certification standards, rating operational sustainability and energy efficiency. Work involved the implementation of considerably complex, highly efficient and reliable systems, both electrical and mechanical: from adapting the existing building to setting up the new data centre and to preparing the main building, both internally and externally, for the creation of the Office Area. Mechanical systems:

  • air conditioning,
  • water supply and sewage,
  • cooling fluids,
  • fire protection,
  • industrial gas distribution

Electrical equipment:

  • The technological systems were built to be highly reliable (designed to eliminate single points of failure) following the principles of dual radial architecture with completely redundant systems, functionally and operationally.

The design complied with the top priorities stipulated in the 2015 Unipol Group three-year Sustainability Plan: reduction of energy and water consumption and dematerialisation of procedures and documents.

Technical data

Installed electrical power
:  5.000  kW
Installed cooling power/strong>: 2.600 kW
Air flow: 830.000 cu m per hour
Project area: 3.515 sq m

Installed electrical power
: 5.000 kW
Installed heating power: 528 kW
Installed cooling power: 516 kW
Air flow: 15,000 cu m per hour

Total project area: 6.935 m2

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