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With a workforce of over 500 people, 50 different product designs and over 70 years of experience in the field of complex chemical procedure management, Dipharma Francis Srl is one of the largest producers of Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients in Europe.

The key assets of this long-established business have traditionally been quality and reliability, with certified and regular inspections performed since 1970 by the FDA, the US government agency regulating food and pharmaceutical products, as well as innovation, with over 200 patents granted and more than 40 Research and Development experts carrying out research work in state-of-the-art laboratories.

The project

Aware of the importance of having a facility that is energy-efficient, Dipharma has chosen Cefla as a partner for energy optimization in its Caronno Pertusella (VA) plant.

Located 10 km from Milan, the facility covers an area of 42,000 square metres and employs a workforce of 120 skilled technicians; it has a reactor capacity of about 230 m3 and a production plant compliant with the applicable standards and with dedicated resources to support all the complex processes required.

Cefla always partners its customers by developing projects that are specifically tailored to their needs; the first step is a feasibility study focusing on a technical and energy study of 3 plant layouts; eventually, the chosen option is the one that delivers the best energy saving to financial saving ratio and streamlined management at the same time.

The solution best suited to this customer’s needs was the construction of a 1.07 electric megawatt power co-generation plant, which produces 8 bar steam used for internal factory purposes, while the hot water produced is used to preheat the demineralised water needed for back-feeding to the existing Degasser.

Cefla, who also supports its customers in obtaining and completing the required construction authorisations and procedures, has finalised a project which, in addition to the Cogeneration island, includes the installation of a metalwork pipe-break supporting the hot water, methane, steam as well as condensate recovery pipelines.

Last, but not least, a medium voltage electrical line was created to connect to the pre-existing factory electrical cabinet, achieved with underground cable ducting and overhead laying of 230 metre-long lines.

Once again, the goals of energy saving, meeting site-specific construction needs and obtaining financial savings in line with feasibility analysis figures have all been achieved.


Decreased electricity purchases from the national grid -85%

Less steam production from existing boilers -27%

Hot water recovered for preheating the back-feeding water in the degasser

Ton CO2 eq. saved each year = 350 -> equal to the lower consumption figure from 120 circulating cars!!!

Financial saving of the cogeneration plant equal to 65 € for each hour of operation (including the cost of maintenance and the benefits offered by white certificates)

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