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SACMI is an international leader in the Ceramics, Packaging (included Beverage and Closures & Containers), Food and Automation machinery sectors, thanks to its application of innovative technologies, strong positioning on the world market and its ongoing search for high quality and customer service standards.

The Sacmi Group operates in 28 countries with more than 80 firms (factories, distribution and service companies) headed by the parent company in Imola – a farreaching presence that explains why 89% of the Group’s turnover is accounted for by exports.

SACMI stands out as a result of investment in top-level research, technological innovation, meticulous attention to product and service quality, an ability to respond effectively to the real needs of world markets and extreme flexibility in making the most of technological synergies and integration across different industries

General description

Cefla has overseen the design, delivery and installation of an EASYPOWER_ G1200 trigeneration plant fuelled with natural gas that features heat recovery from the engine cooling circuit and the engine combustion fumes. The plant consists of a GE Jenbacher JMS 416 cogeneration unit made up of a reciprocating gas-fuelled engine (Otto cycle) that is directly coupled to a threephase synchronous electric generator. The unit, complete with all the auxiliary devices needed for operation and a containment package, has been designed to dissipate the radiant energy of the engine and reduce noise to 55 dB at 10 m. In addition to the cogeneration package, the plant is configured to recover thermal energy from the internal circuits of the engine (first intercooler stage, lubricant oil, liners) and the heat contained in the exhaust gases, thus providing:

  • Hot water at 95°C for use in heating and air conditioning systems,
  • Refrigerated water at 7°C for the air conditioning system; this is produced via the installation of an absorptiontype cooling unit fed with the 95°C water obtained from heat recovery.

The low temperature energy (40°C approx.) of the intercooler circuit is dissipated into the atmosphere.

The advantages of the Cefla proposal

The plant is designed to achieve ultra-high energy efficiency: up to and beyond 85% with respect to the natural gas used, thanks to the high electrical efficiency of the engine and complete recovery of cogenerated thermal energy, allowing it to be classified as a “High Performance Cogeneration” system. This Cefla plant is of the “turnkey” type. It comes complete with couplings to the end systems identified together with the customer, namely the three heating units and the cooling unit that aircondition both production facilities and areas where precision machining takes place in a controlled atmosphere.


Fuel: natural gas

Power input with the fuel:: 2.771 kW

Electricity production at generator power terminals: 1.203 kWe

Electrical efficiency at terminals: 43,4%

Electrical efficiency at terminals: 1.237 kWt

Rendimento elettrico ai morsetti: 44,6%

Heat recovery (fluid): hot water at 95°C

Cooling effect from absorber: 865 kWf

Heat recovery (fluid): refrigerated water at 7°C

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