To support companies in the transition from traditional combustion-based energy sources, Cefla has developed NOVA, a solution that integrates Bloom Energy’s Energy Server™ fuel cell module in the CHP version, able to produce both electrical and heating power, boosting efficiency (to over 80%) and reducing atmosphere pollutant emissions.

NOVA is a modular solution with a starting power of 330kW or 660kW, which can be easily customised if more power is needed, and is easy to install thanks to its “plug&play” logic.


Clean and reliable energy, within everyone’s reach, to enable companies and communities to take charge of their own energy responsibly.

The innovative Bloom Energy solid oxide platform for the distributed generation of electricity is changing the future of energy. This technology looks to the future and delivers low-carbon energy, paving the way for a net-zero- emissions tomorrow.

Fuel cells are devices that convert the chemical energy of fuels themselves into electricity and heat, without combustion taking place as happens, instead, in traditional cogeneration.

Power remaining equal, electrical efficiency is 20% higher, and CO2 emissions considerably lower.

An innovative and reliable technology.

Le aziende e le comunità stanno affrontando crescenti minacce al loro approvvigionamento energetico: shortage energetico, infrastrutture obsolete, aumento dei costi dell’energia, eventi climatici, e minacce alla sicurezza informatica.

Bloom’s Energy Server, which Cefla integrates into its own solution, is an on-site energy generation platform that delivers highly reliable 24/7 energy, making it more than ready to face such challenges.

The partnership with Bloom Energy.

Our partnership with Bloom Energy broadens the range of clean energy available to companies located in Italy and in Europe so they can achieve future energy and environmental goals together. Our approach focuses on continuous plant engineering innovation in order to support the energy transition. The goal? A progressive reduction in the use the fossil fuels – that are responsible for pollutant emissions – and the production of clean energy.

Fuel cells are highly efficient systems that let you choose from among various sources: natural gas, biomethane, biogas, a blend of hydrogen or 100% hydrogen. This technology produces electricity without any combustion and reduces carbon emissions compared to the mains power grid, almost eliminating the harmful particles that cause smog. It also ensures compliance with gas reduction targets approved by the European Union.

100% Gas

Today’s solution will allow tomorrow’s transition

RNG and Biogas

This solution allows you to operate with 100% biomethane or 100% biogas

Gas mixture Natural + Hydrogen

Hydrogen can also be used partially to achieve clean energy goals

100% Hydrogen

Bloom technology allows risk-free transition as needed

Clean Energy

NOVA can easily be remodulated, allowing customers to personalize and scale up their configuration as their business and energy demands grow. Furthermore, noise levels are low at <= 55dB(A) at 10 meters: as there is no rotation mechanism, noise is generated by the cooling fans only.


Who is Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy enables companies and communities to take charge of their own energy responsibly. Their innovative solid oxide platform for the distributed generation of electricity and hydrogen is changing the future of energy. In 2020 Bloom Energy Servers enabled a reduction of about 440,000 tons of CO2 compared to power grid alternatives. Today, Fortune 100 companies all over the world choose Bloom Energy as their low-carbon energy supplier to achieve a zero emissions future.


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Environmental protection, urbanisation and the growing needs of well-being and comfort compel modern engineering to adopt innovative design and construction systems that comply with eco-compatibility logic and requirements.


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