“We create functional and innovative solutions that serve the environment and improve the quality of life.”

Cefla has operated in Italy for 80 years and has acquired extensive experience in many fields: from cultural and art institutions to office buildings and industrial and healthcare buildings, and to infrastructure, transportation, hospitality and commercial structures.

Cefla Engineering builds complex civil and industrial systems. Over the years, the company has evoloved, has consolidated its expertise and thanks to its extensive acquired experience is today a most reliable partner that is in a position to guarantee the success of your project.

Thanks to its investment capacity, its extremely solid and sound financial structure and its reliability (first-class CRIF rating), Cefla Engineering is the ideal partner for complex projects requiring project financing.

We build plants and systems

Type of solutions

Cefla can operate in many diverse fields, providing to clients a complete service that ranges from design consultancy to construction, and subsequently after-sales support of system operation and maintenance.

In the field of building technological systems for civil, industrial and infrastructure projects, Cefla operates in the following sectors:

Electrical Systems

Medium and low voltage, lighting and power networks.

Mechanical Systems

Air-conditioning, ventilation, water supply, sewage, fire protection.

Special Systems

Fire detection, public address, also for fire safety and evacuation, intrusion prevention, access control and CCTV, data networks.

Building Automation And Supervision Systems

Advanced automation and PLC systems, customised to meet customers’ needs (supervision systems, data acquisition and concentration and field devices).

Fields of expertise

The needs of those who live in buildings, such as their well-being, safety, comfort, communication and more, require a continuous development of system engineering, starting from its design.

Such development affects the entire building system, meaning its architectural, structural and engineering aspects, and therefore requires a constant examination of ideas and needs by all those involved in the planning and design phases.

Over the years Cefla Plant Solutions has increased the number of its fields of expertise to be able to offer its customers a full range of technological design consultancy services and innovative and comprehensive solutions in various sectors:

restauration of art institution



industry and manufacturing

office buildings

hospitality complexes, malls, hotels and fairs

healthcare related projects (hospitals, clinics, etc.)

classified projects

Cefla Engineering is in possession of certifications issued by institutions and reference companies.

Civil and industrial references


The high quality of the offered product and service is the result of Cefla personnel’s long experience and extreme professionalism.


Environmental protection, urbanisation and the growing needs of well-being and comfort compel modern engineering to adopt innovative design and construction systems that comply with eco-compatibility logic and requirements.


Complete customer satisfaction very much depends on service quality. Cefla’s Quality Assurance system governs all activities and is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.