The cogeneration is the combined production of electrical and thermal energy; the latter is made available as hot water, hot air or steam depending on the technology adopted according to the customer requirements. Moreover, the same technology may produce cold energy for refrigeration uses (tri-generation).
The advantages: cogeneration allows valuable savings on energy bills that can reach 40% of the total cost: electricity, heating and refrigeration.

Without cogeneration

With cogeneration

With trigeneration

Trigeneration system is a plant designed to produce cold water (>7°C) besides electricity and thermal energy, through the employment of a Lithium Bromide absorption chiller which use part of thermal energy produced by the Cogeneration plant. This configuration reduces the consumption of conventional
electrical chillers.

The Benefits

This system is useful when the industrial process is based on at least 4.000 working hours per
year as well as when there are simultaneous need of electricity, heat and refrigeration

energy efficiency

greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) reduction

environmental benefit

continuity energy supply ("Island Operation")

possible use of renewable sources

governmental economic incentives (if any)

low pay-back period