Cefla offers a multi-year maintenance and management service

Civil plants

Electric power generation and cogeneration plants

Oil&Gas industry plants

Thanks to its long experience, accumulated over 30 years of activity, it can offer the customer the benefit of having a single interlocutor for the maintenance of all utilities.

Moreover, Cefla offers a Technological Support Service through a dedicated Project Management Programme, including a full Global Service, where it uses its own dedicated personnel for all aspects of plant management.

Fields of expertise

Civil and Industrial Systems Service

For the past 30 years Cefla has been servicing all types of technological systems, specifically:

  • Electrical & fire protection systems
  • Heating
  • Thermal power stations
  • Air conditioning and air treatment units

Energy Services

Over 20 years of experience in maintaining power generation plants, based on a great variety of engines, make Cefla a leading service company.

“Our service manages today more than 350MWe”.

Cefla specifically offers operation, management and maintenance services of medium-voltage stations and medium-voltage substations.

Oil & Gas Industry Services

Cefla operates and maintains electrical and mechanical engines in the oil & gas industry, both on-shore and off-shore.

We also offer complete plant management service (24/7) by employing specialised personnel. Currently, Cefla is maintaining over 250 on-shore and off-shore engines in the Italian territory.

Repair shop: Overhaul of multiple engines, components and accessories

  • Engines overhaul department with 4 worker positions
  • Components overhaul department (heads, rods, cylinders, pumps, etc.)
  • Repair shop machine tools department
  • Electronic instruments department for repairing and tuning command and control components


Critical spare parts for multiple engine brands are always in stock. Operations run by a management programme.

Type of operations

Maintenance engineering

The results of our maintenance work

  • system running and managing

  • all ordinary, extraordinary, predictive and on-condition maintenance of engines, components and accessories

  • EPC ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

  • remote control and remote assistance services with automatic alert systems

  • 24 hour a day 365 days a year availability
  • LIFECYCLE COST reduction

  • risk and criticality assessment

  • ensuring environmental protection and safety

  • verifying compliance with current energy-saving laws and standards

  • proposals for improving efficiency accompanied by feasibility studies
  • reduction of production losses

  • increased machine components’ lifetime

  • improvement of environmental factors

  • reduction of costs

  • warranty on plant availability

Service-related references


The high quality of the offered product and service is the result of Cefla personnel’s long experience and extreme professionalism.


Environmental protection, urbanisation and the growing needs of well-being and comfort compel modern engineering to adopt innovative design and construction systems that comply with eco-compatibility logic and requirements.


Complete customer satisfaction very much depends on service quality. Cefla’s Quality Assurance system governs all activities and is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.