How is maintenance carried out today, in the digital era?

Le nuove tecnologie digitali sono certamente un elemento strategico che genera un grosso vantaggio anche nel mondo del global service tecnologico, e porta con sé un cambio di approccio culturale e operativo.

What is Global Technological Service?

È l’acquisizione di commesse per la gestione, la manutenzione e il facility management di strutture produttive e direzionali, infrastrutture, edifici storico-artistici e contract.

Why are the computerization and digitization of services essential?

Perché una volta realizzato l’impianto, sono sempre più centrali nella gestione dei processi e permettono ai nostri clienti di avere ogni variabile sotto controllo. Per questo noi abbiamo un team dedicato a sviluppare soluzioni che siano davvero all’avanguardia e modellate sulle necessità di chi sceglie di lavorare con noi.

Why choose Cefla Engineering?

Because we have a long history behind us, we listen to our customers’ needs, we base our work on the highest quality standards, we are fast and work directly in the field with professional project managers and teams of personnel dedicated to specific orders, which is why we are now one of the leading partners in this sector in Italy.

Thanks to our experience, expertise and the financial strength of our group, the customer can benefit from the advantage of having a single point of contact for the maintenance of all utilities.

Looking for a global partner to manage the operation and maintenance of the technological systems of your factories, buildings and infrastructure?

What are we involved in?

Technological Service

For the past 30 years, Cefla has been managing the service of all technological systems, with particular expertise in:

  • Electrical & fire prevention systems
  • Heating system
  • Thermal power stations
  • Air conditioning and air handling units

Facility Management

We manage your factories and optimize all the necessary processes and activities for managing and running buildings efficiently. You have real-time visibility and monitoring to ensure everything is always done in accordance with your time frames and needs: utilities, telecommunications, security, maintenance of technological systems and landscaping. In short, we are at your side to allow you to focus on your core business activities, safe in the knowledge that your facilities maintain their value over time and are managed efficiently.

Did you know that Cefla deals in Engineering and Maintenance for Process Plants servicing?

Today, with Cefla Tech, we can also take care of management and maintenance of production process plants and production plants of technological utilities within the industrial facilities of our customers.

Fields of expertise

The needs of those who live in buildings, such as their well-being, safety, comfort, communication and more, require a continuous development of system engineering, starting from its design.

Such development affects the entire building system, meaning its architectural, structural and engineering aspects, and therefore requires a constant examination of ideas and needs by all those involved in the planning and design phases. Over the years Cefla

Plant Solutions has increased the number of its fields of expertise to be able to offer its customers a full range of technological design consultancy services and innovative and comprehensive solutions in various sectors:

restauration of art institution



industry and manufacturing

office buildings

hospitality complexes, malls, hotels and fairs

healthcare related projects (hospitals, clinics, etc.)

classified projects

Video Focus

Type of operations

Maintenance engineering

The results of our maintenance work di manutenzione

  • system running and managing

  • all ordinary, extraordinary, predictive and on-condition maintenance of engines, components and accessories

  • EPC ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

  • remote control and remote assistance services with automatic alert systems

  • 24 hour a day 365 days a year availability
  • LIFECYCLE COST reduction

  • risk and criticality assessment

  • ensuring environmental protection and safety

  • verifying compliance with current energy-saving laws and standards

  • proposals for improving efficiency accompanied by feasibility studies
  • reduction of production losses

  • increased machine components’ lifetime

  • improvement of environmental factors

  • reduction of costs

  • warranty on plant availability

Euroges is the company of Cefla that deals with software design dedicated to the installation and maintenance of electronic equipment in the building automation sector.

Service-related references


The high quality of the offered product and service is the result of Cefla personnel’s long experience and extreme professionalism.


Environmental protection, urbanisation and the growing needs of well-being and comfort compel modern engineering to adopt innovative design and construction systems that comply with eco-compatibility logic and requirements.


Complete customer satisfaction very much depends on service quality. Cefla’s Quality Assurance system governs all activities and is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.