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Who is Cefla Gest

Cefla Gest S.r.l is a Cefla Group company that operates and maintains industrial plants. The power plant, inaugurated in October 1998, produces electricity using two types of gaseous fuels from the Torrente Tona oil field supplied by the nearby Torrente Tona Oil Centre, owned and run by the Società Adriatica Idrocarburi S.p.A. The operation of that power plant allowed a more rational use of energy, in accordance with Italian Law No. 10 of 9 January 1991 (“Rules for the implementation of the National Energy Plan with regard to rational energy use, energy conservation and development of renewable energy sources”). In fact, gas associated with oil, being a waste product of the Oil Centre process, is deemed, according to the opinion expressed by the Ministry for Industry and Commerce, a renewable source as it comes in a form of “recoverable” energy in processes and production plants (Art. 3, Law 10/1991). For this reason the Torrente Tona Power Plant has been operating, since 2006, in compliance with the Inter-Ministerial Committee of Prices Resolution 6 of 1992 (CIP 6/1992).

Lean gas and gas associated with oil: plant, where it is fed to two electrical power generators named Unit 470 and Unit 471.

Generated electrical power: the power plant produces a total of 20 MW of medium voltage gross electrical output, which is delivered through two half-busbars, minus internal consumption, transformed into high-voltage and fed into the TERNA grid.

Consumption: the four-stroke eight cylinder engines have a combustion pre-chamber, where a very rich mixture develops, in order to then allow burning a very lean mixture in the combustion chamber. On average, a combustion fuelled by a lean mixture has low consumption rates and high efficiency, and consequently produces low gas emissions.

Engines: the engines operate continuously throughout the day and the year, with an estimated annual downtime of approximately one week for maintenance of the electrical substation; they generally work with combustion efficiency of about 98%-99% and at a 95% load. Each engine exhaust system is equipped with platinum catalytic oxidiser to achieve CO abatement.

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