Kaleseramik Project

Project Kaleseramik, Turkey

energy: renewable sources

The context

The Kaleseramik group (Turkey) is at the cutting edge in the production of high quality ceramics exported throughout the world. Through the group’s various brands, specialised in ceramics for bathroom fixtures, toilets, bath and shower systems, bathroom furnishings and tiles, they have invested in technological innovation for the benefit of their products and their plants for years.

Type of intervention

Kaleseramik has entrusted long-term partner, Cefla, with updating the control and supervision system for the interior of the cogeneration systems of the two factories of Cannakale and Kalebodur – which make up the Can plant – as well as the engineering required for the introduction of a new atomiser.
Collaboration between the Cefla Engineering BU and Kaleseramik began over 15 years ago with the construction of a cogeneration plant which led to a notable reduction in the company’s emissions and energy costs.

The cogeneration system at the Can Kaleseramic plant is one of the most complex and sophisticated ever constructed for the ceramic industry. The project included the installation of an atomiser with a water evaporation capacity of 25,000 litres per hour, connected to the existing cogeneration system as well as to a further system for the recuperation of heat from the furnaces with the aim of making the most of existing thermal energy. Cefla Engineering carried out the project and construction of the principal mechanical components, the instrumentation and the components for the heat recovery system as well as the supply of devices for the automation and supervision control (software and hardware).

The advanced automation system will guarantee the possibility of working with one or more turbines depending on the electricity required for the systems. Three Siemens gas turbines with a combined power of 21 MW supply nine atomisers and electricity to all of the factories via pipelines. A network in optic fibre will transfer the control signal for all the units at high speed while the new software will guarantee monitoring of the whole system through an intuitive user interface, permanent recording and reporting of data regarding functioning.


Electrical revamping intervention of the control system:

PLC SIEMENS S7 for the control of 3 electrical generation stages also when working in islands

Supervision system with MOVICON platform

Integration of the overall thermal recuperation system

Mechanical intervention: new network for hot gases serving 9 spray-driers

Electricity capacity: 3 Siemens turbines, with 22,500 kWe nominal power

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