Want to save energy?
Cogeneration in the ceramic industry is a genuinely sustainable solution.

by Mario Gargano

Cefla has been providing energy management technology to the ceramic sector industry for over 40 years. Today, self-produced energy has a crucial role to play as it can power an entire plant, eliminating the need to purchase the mains gas used in spray drying processes.

Today’s ceramic industry is suffering from so-called ‘energy stress’: cogeneration offers a sustainable, strategic, energy-saving solution as it reduces consumption through the combined production of electricity and heat. Therefore, the resulting CO2 emissions are lower than those emitted by a traditional power plant.

Cefla has installed numerous solutions for the ceramic sector, both with turbine and engine; whether they’re planning to install a new plant or revamp an existing one, our customers always demand flexibility. Our extensive experience and unique skills set means we can provide close support every step of the way, from feasibility analysis to design, from construction to maintenance.

Over the years, the biggest changes on the cogeneration front have stemmed from the technology, the monitoring systems and smart management of the plant and everything produced by the cogenerator (heat, cold, hot water). Today, the best approach is to develop an integrated project in close collaboration with the company: a project in which the cogenerator is ‘one with the company’, as the high cost of gas means the plant needs to be used for as many hours as possible.

Cefla, Italy’s leading designer and constructor of technological systems, global service and energy production systems, offers its customers cutting-edge solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence, energy management and predictive maintenance.

Thanks to C-cogenS, we can provide our customers with an in-depth real-time monitoring system that tracks the overall efficiency of the plant and every one of its components.

Using a data source updated in real time, through IoT technologies and searchable dashboards, means assets can be monitored, ensuring energy efficiency and lower service costs.
The system is also ‘Customer Oriented’, fully modular to adapt to any customer needs.

Cefla, a company consisting of 4 Business Units, celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2022: a success story combining products, processes and innovation, a shared quest for improvement designed to ensure satisfaction for all customers and stakeholders.