An agreement to establish an Energy Hub at the new Pizzoli S.p.A. facility

Pizzoli, a leading Italian producer of fresh and frozen potatoes, has been prioritizing sustainability for years by making investments and implementing plans that safeguard the environment and protect natural resources. That solid commitment is seen throughout the supply chain: from field to processing, storage and final product packaging. Established in 1926 in Budrio in the province of Bologna, Pizzoli is a third-generation family business with a long record of success. Today, its goods are sold through all key outlets via successful brands such as Iodì (fresh potatoes), Patasnella, We Love and Professional (frozen potatoes).

Taking a forward-thinking approach, some two years ago this consolidated Italian company began working with Cefla to design a future-focused energy solution. This led, on 14/12/2021, to the signing of a major agreement: an ENERGY HUB incorporated in the new production plant that will soon be built in San Pietro in Casale, in the province of Bologna. The new Pizzoli production hub, which covers a full 18 hectares, will triple the current frozen potato output capacity and double it for fresh packaged potatoes.

Cefla s.c. – which will, in 2022, see its Engineering Business Unit celebrate its 90th anniversary – consists of 4 Business Units. Each has its own history of success, products and innovations.
Yet they are all part of a shared quest for improvement in which partnerships and skills interact to generate excellence and ensure satisfaction for all customers and stakeholders.
The Engineering Business Unit designs, builds and manages technological systems in the civil, industrial and energy sectors, improving well-being and comfort in the places where people live, work and share moments of leisure.

It has been involved in the energy sector for over 40 years. It designs, builds and runs cogeneration and trigeneration plants, heat recovery and gaseous flow purification facilities and large-scale district heating systems that provide light and heat to hundreds of thousands of people.

More specifically, Cefla will handle the construction and subsequent maintenance of a NEW TECHNOLOGICAL HUB consisting of a trigeneration power station, thermal power station, compressed air plant and water supply system. The project also includes the expansion of an ammonia refrigeration facility. Last but not least, a biogas production plant – fuelled by processing waste and process water purification- will be constructed.

“It’s been a fulfilling journey. For two and a half years, ever since the project was conceived, we’ve worked side by side with Pizzoli to bring it to fruition. The complexity and variety of the work make this project UNIQUE and will set the Cefla Energy Business Line on a new course over the coming years. I’d like to thank Pizzoli spa, especially Technical Manager Alberto Manaresi for the rewarding partnership and Nicola Pizzoli for placing his trust in us".
Sales Manager Italy of the Cefla Energy Business Line
“We’re extremely satisfied with the project co-developed with CEFLA for the Energy Hub at our new facility in San Pietro in Casale. This will provide the Frozen Food and Fruit and Vegetable Divisions with vital support as they seek to implement sustainable development plans. We selected CEFLA - a well organised, experienced firm with unmatched technological expertise - to partner with us through each stage of the project, from engineering and construction site set-up to maintenance management: an approach that optimises use of both our companies’ know-how, management skills and efficiency.”
Nicola Pizzoli : President & CEO Pizzoli S.p.A.
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