Cefla confirms its partnership with Ducati Corse. Our trademark to appear on Ducati motorcycle fairings throughout 2019

The Ducati bikes ridden by Andrea Dovizioso, Danilo Petrucci and test rider Michele Pirro will feature the Cefla trademark on their fairings throughout the 2019 season.
For the second year running, in fact, Cefla will be an Official Partner of Ducati Corse, taking to the track together with the “Mission Winnow Ducati” team in the 2019 MotoGP World Championship, which begins in Qatar on 10th March.
In all 19 World Championship races, then, the Cefla trademark will emblazon the Bologna-built Ducati bikes, which will, of course, have their sights set on winning the title.
In this latest adventure with Ducati Corse, the Cefla brand will be visible not just on the fairings but also on the Ducati technicians/team’s headsets, on the motorhome doors and in the paddock lights, provided by Lucifero’s.
Because when it comes to winning future challenges, teamwork is a must, as Cefla Engineering – which has always made teamwork its key strength – knows full well.
The partnership between Cefla and Ducati continues, then, thanks to the shared values of Passion, Performance and Innovation and a strong sense of belonging to that unique territory known worldwide as ‘Italy’s Motor Valley’, a long-standing hub of innovation and research into ground-breaking solutions.

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