Cefla provides Fruttagel with highly eco-sustainable plant

Motore per Acea_Cefla e GECefla has designed a new electricity production plant for Fruttagel, the cooperative consortium (based in Alfonsine, in the province of Ravenna) which specialises in frozen foods, preserves and fruit drinks. The company, which has facilities in Emilia-Romagna and Molise, is a founder of the Almaverde Bio Consortium. It has always been extremely attentive to both product quality and the environment and has, for this reason, commissioned Cefla Plant Solutions to design a plant that can guarantee high energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact in terms of carbon emissions.

The project, expected to be completed over the coming months, features two container-mounted gensets capable of generating 1,700 kW and supplying 30% of the electricity needed for the processing carried out at Fruttagel. The plant has been designed to retrieve fume heat (to produce steam and so reduce the impact on the environment) and cooling water heat (for use within the facility). 
Overall efficiency is 85%, allowing savings of 1,285 TOE (tonne of oil equivalent). Over the course of a year, the Cefla-supplied plant will provide Fruttagel with savings of 2,300 TCO2 (tons of carbon dioxide not released into the environment).




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