Cefla a prize-winner at ELIS Innovation Day 2018

Four hundred visitors, 54 innovation projects developed by 54 companies, more than 115 young people involved, 8 start-ups. These are the key figures for the fourth edition of ELIS Innovation Day – the Elis Consortium students’ technological fair – held on 21st June in Rome.

The presented projects were linked to seven emerging technologies, a winner being selected for each one.

Cefla was awarded second place in the business process re-engineering sector.

Giacomo Buzzitta and Simone Marino were the interns who, over recent months, worked with Cefla to develop the “Business Analytics & Operation Control on a Maintenance process” project; this allows for the creation of a corporate strategy analysis and operational KPI control model by using a Cloud-based Business Intelligence system.

Starting with identification of the strategic outlines of sector and company and the KPIs relative to the maintenance business, it was then possible to proceed with analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the business intelligence tool, mapping out both the available data and that needed to complete the information framework.

Promoting work experience is a Cefla constant. We believe it is essential to bring out young people’s talents and invest in their skills, especially in industries with a high technology and innovation content.

Cefla Engineering at Tecnargilla 2018
Cefla is official partner to Ducati