Cefla’s new Technical-Administrative Office based in Sesto Calende is dedicated to Leonardo

Cefla Plant Solutions’ new Technical-Administrative Office opened on 19 March 2018 in Sesto Calende (Varese), in Via XX Settembre 53, to meet the operative needs of the Business Line Service – “Global Service” for the client Leonardo.

Leonardo is an Italian leader in the sector of Defence, Safety and Aerospace technologies. Global Service is a contractual model based on solid partnership with the Client for maintenance services, management and revamping of industrial technological plants, production systems and machines.

Cefla considers the client Leonardo an important opportunity both in terms of portfolio and to enrich corporate experiences in the Services business. The service is organised and provided by a team of over 80 colleagues (including managers, technicians and operators), who possess the profiles and technical skills required to organise the projects. Situated in the 8 main operative branches, precisely in the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto-Friuli, they are coordinated by the Contract Manager Gianluca Ronga.

“Cefla’s important decision, which entails the deep commitment of the Business Unit and Service Administration, responds to the strong corporate need to improve and consolidate relations with the Client, to consolidate Cefla’s position in Italy, and to coordinate and make the most of the relationship between colleagues from the various operative branches — and technical staff assigned to perform these projects — and colleagues from the Imola headquarters, who daily support the work of external construction yards”, says Gianluca Ronga, Contract Manager for this project.

Leonardo’s main centres and production facilities, assisted by the service of Cefla Plant Solutions based in Sesto Calende, are situated in Torino Caselle and Torino Corso Francia, in Piedmont; in Sesto Calende, Vergiate and Cascina Costa (municipality of Samarate) in the Varese hinterland and Nerviano (Milan), in Lombardy; in Tessera (Venice), in Veneto; and in Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia), in Friuli. “Sesto Calende is centrally located with respect to the main facilities in Piedmont and Lombardy, which are all situated at a distance of 1h approximately, and it can be easily reached by train from our Imola headquarters. Convenient logistics make a distant construction yard in the suburbs that is crucial for Cefla easily accessible”, says Gianluca.

The office in Sesto will be the headquarters for the projects and, besides performing managerial and representative functions, it will be the company Leonardo’s centre for technical and managerial Governance.

Cefla’s lay-out style – the new format

The new office in Sesto Calende has been designed with the same furnishings and architectural concept as the Cefla format. The architectural layout is centred on the conference hall, the venue for meetings, coordination and discussions on Cefla’s ideas, values and standards.

About Leonardo Spa

Leonardo, former Finmeccanica, is an Italian company that operates in the defence, aerospace and safety sectors. The Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance is its main shareholder with about 30% of shares. The company has seven divisions, namely Helicopters; Aircrafts; Aerostructures; Avionic and Space Systems; Land and Sea Defence Electronics; Defence Systems. Recording a turnover of more than 12 billion euro in 2016, Leonardo counts over 45,600 employees, 1,400 of whom work for the Research and Development Department. Considering offices and industrial settlements, Leonardo Spa is present in 180 sites worldwide, with an important industrial presence on four domestic markets (Italy, United Kingdom, USA and Poland). For additional information, visit the website

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