The Uffizi Gallery’s Botticelli room reopens with Cefla-supplied energy

With the inauguration of 17th October, the complex work carried out by Cefla Plant Solutions – together with the Integra consortium and the Cmsa cooperative – at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence came to a close. To the city and to art lovers this project has given back a renewed Botticelli room, home to masterpieces such as the ‘Birth of Venus’ and ‘Spring’.

Working with the Gallery always open to the public and in the midst of a series of temporary exhibitions (the work began in 2006), the contractors reconfigured the room in the manner of the original set-up conceived by Bartoli in 1948, characterised by broad beams of light streaming in through the new ceiling profile.
To comply with the project, a reticular structure, suspended above the room, was made: this preserves the original trusses of the Buontalenti theatre built for the Medici, which remain intact and accessible to researchers. This structure, moreover, supports the ceiling and has allowed the installation of an advanced electrical-mechanical system network that serves the room and adjacent chambers: all these systems can easily be accessed by technicians.
To increase the available display area the room was sub-divided into two spaces using floor-to-roof partitions, inside of which air intake ducting and electrical and other special equipment panels were inserted.

Other works carried out during the project included upgrading of the internal microclimate and lighting systems for the Sale dei Primitivi and the installation of a skylight in the Sala Archeologica.
Note also the underground concealment of system connection hubs and the setting up of a control booth beneath the Piazzale degli Uffizi. All achieved without ever closing the passageway to the tourists, who were able to enjoy the view of the square at all times.

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