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Carbon offsetting is rapidly rising in importance. The world’s carbon emissions are increasing at an alarming rate and offsetting your carbon emissions is a powerful mechanism to help in the battle against climate change and global warming. In the context of the Paris Agreement, the EU has set ambitious energy and climate change objectives to ensure that Europe relies on secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy. 
The cogeneration sector is committed to the creation of a resilient, decentralised European energy system by 2050 with cogeneration as its backbone, empowering European citizens and industry togenerate their own efficient, reliable and affordable clean heat and power locally. In this way, cogeneration could be a strategic way and our aim is to be an EPC Contracting partner for the construction of high-tech natural gas-fired power plant.

In Cottbus, Germany, work is underway, as part of a Government plan to replace obsolete coal-fired power stations. 
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Cogeneration is a strategic, sustainable and efficient choice.