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Florim Ceramiche


The background

Florim Ceramiche, an international leader in the ceramic industry sector for more than 50 years through unique dedication to research and innovation, is a Modena-based company that manufactures porcelain stoneware tiles. It proposes surfaces studied to meet all architectural, interior décor and construction work needs. Florim Ceramiche counts 1,400 employees throughout the world and an annual production of 30 million of ceramic material.

One modern cogeneration plant at the Mordano factory produces large formats

During an impressive investment phase planned by Florim Ceramiche focused on expanding the Mordano factory, in the Bologna province, to achieve a twofold increase in production capacity, Cefla designed and installed a cogeneration plant that can provide 8,300 kWe of electrical power. This plant shall replace the existing one.

The old plant, rated ca. 5,100 kWe, was unable to meet the new power and thermal demand as a result of the installation of an additional spray-dryer. The factory’s expansion of 56,000 based on the innovative principles typical of “Industry 4.0” has allowed to install new production lines for large slabs, and will double the factory’s productive capacity.

The cogeneration plant configuration has been defined together with a detailed feasibility study conducted jointly by Cefla and Florim to compare the ultimate and most efficient gas turbines available on the market today, and to define the size and model that will best adapt to current and future energy demands. Moreover, this solution allows the turbine’s performance to be upgraded in the future with an 800 kWe increase in electrical power.

The new gas turbine is connected to two spray-dryers manufactured by Sacmi: ATM 140, already in use, and ATM 65 newly installed. The machine, which features thermal power of 16,220 kWth, can power two dryers with hot air capacity of 516°C, equal to 106,200 kg/h.

A “turnkey” plant that meets modern operative and control standards

Florim Ceramiche has assigned this project with a “turnkey” formula. The supply includes implementation of all accessory works, such as civil works, mechanical connections and related structures, low and medium voltage wiring connections and energy monitoring devices.

The turbogas unit Centrax model CX 300 2S, which is installed for the first time in Italy, is based on the innovative “twin-shaft” turbine Siemens SGT-300-2S (34.0% electrical efficiency), coupled with 15 kV synchronous alternator that allows to directly connect the factory’s medium voltage network without needing a step-up transformer.

The fact that it can function with 18 bar gas pressure has allowed to avoid installing a compression unit by directly exploiting the pressure provided by the network.

Cefla completed the supply with an innovative automation system and plant supervision, based on cutting edge operating standards, enabling both real time and remote monitoring of system efficiency and its financial revenue.

Task timing

Construction work commenced at the end of 2016, and the cogeneration plant was started up late in August 2017, as per schedule. The preparatory work carried out during the productive break in December enabled a new plant to be installed in parallel with the existing one, thus minimising interruptions and energy supplies from the mains.

Combining environmental-friendliness and saving

At full production capacity, this cogeneration plant will allow fuel savings of approximately 2,500 TOE each year and prevent emissions of about 5,800 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.


Field of application: ceramic industry

Solution: Cogeneration plant supplying spray dryers

Core engine: natural gas turbine

Electrical power: 8.300 kWe (@ 21 m. asl)

Heat rating: 16.220 kWth – hexaust 106.200 Kg/h @ 516°C

Thermal energy use: direct into spray drier

Production rate: 7.400 h/year

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